Small afalcatado knife

VAT included

Small Iberian-style afalcatado knife perfect for historical reenactments of antiquity.
Its great advantage is lightness, it does not bother hanging on the belt and it fits perfectly in a small bag.
In nature it is perfect for gathering wild berries and mushrooms.

Material para las cachas
Color cuero de la funda

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Afalcatado knife with a blade length of between 10 and 11 centimeters, with a thickness of 3 mm. approximately and a maximum blade width of 25 mm., length of the handle between 9 and 10 cm.

It carries the characteristic sheath that we usually make to all our knives molded and sewn by hand. It does not have slots to pass the belt like modern covers, a leather strap is used to tie it to the belt or hang it from the backpack or bag.

Made in our forge and hammer forged. With carbon steel similar to that used in ancient times. The blade is modeled from a flat bar  without using modern cutting tools.

These knives are relatively abundant on the peninsula during the Iron Age.

The curved back knives are already from the 7th century B.C. moment in which they are documented in Iberian environments and the 6th century in Celtiberia.

This is a handmade craft product and may differ slightly from the picture.
All our knife blades are branded VP. If it doesn't say VP, we didn't make it.
Our brand is a guarantee of handmade work with techniques from the past.
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